My name is Beatriz Nayeri and I am the Graphic Designer and owner of BN Graphic Designs.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved to draw and had a passion for art.

I have always known I would build a career in some kind of art related field.


What I did not know was that I would end up in America, more specifically in Temecula, California!



I was born and raised

in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design | Graphic Design and over a decade of experience with marketing and advertising.

With a career of  20 years, I have worked with a diverse range of clients from automotive, retail, restaurants, engineering companies, law firms, non-profits and health industry.  I have designed websites, advertisements in print and online publications, billboards, brochures, logos, corporate ID, exhibition panels, flyers, promotional items and more.


During the past 7 years I have worked as an Independent Contractor for several companies. After much thought and consideration, in early 2020 I decided it was time for a new chapter.

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